Lindsay E. Frost

I returned to Louisville in 2000 to appease my parents, who said they were getting to old to travel to Ohio to visit. And like most artists, I found a day job while pursuing wood sculpting.

I also found Louisville was a great place to find all types of wood. Storms and land clearings furnish me with most of my wood, and some is even discarded from furniture construction. The only wood I buy is Redheart, which I use for the spoons for my Salt Cellars. My logo contains the entire tree. Not only do I use the limbs and trunk, but what grows below the ground is equally interesting and fascinating.

Am I a ‘tree hugger’? Most definitely. I love the Ents in the Lord of the Rings. Especially when they picked up their roots and started walking. Just think what trees have been witness much history and the tales they could tell. They most likely know the real story.

My Dad and Grandfather taught me a lot about wood. Dad was concerned about right angles, but I didn’t listen. My Grandfather taught me that wood has so much to give us. He never spoke of spirits in the wood, but we talked about the faces in the wood. Not necessarily human faces, but faces. And the faces are there. They help in the release of the inner spirit, the energy and the rhythm in the wood.

Wood has a calming effect on people. Have you ever watched, or found yourself, unconsciously rubbing a piece of wood with your fingers? Did you know your were caressing the wood? Were you subconsciously connecting with the wood spirits? Was it magic? Who knows, but it is a legal high.

I retired from my day job! Now I devote my time between my 2 loves; woodcarving and Greyhounds. I don’t know which I love more, but it is not the housekeeping. A portion of the proceeds from Greyhound themed work goes to the Shamrock Greyhound Placement, Inc. I am also a member of Kentucky Proud, a supporter of Arbor Day Tree Foundation, the Louisville Visual Arts Association and a juried member of Louisville Artisans Guild.

The main purpose of this web site is to show you the type of work I am capable of creating. I have noted several items that I try to maintain in stock.

For more information contact me at or call 502-244-6638. If I don’t answer, I am either working or playing with the Greyhounds. Please leave a message.

Namaste: The spirit within me bows to the spirit within you.

Year Round at:
Edenside Gallery, 1422 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, KY
Craft[s] Gallery, 572 S. Fourth St. Louisville, KY
Kaviar Forge/Gallery, 1718 Frankfort Ave., Louisville, KY
Koi Gallery in Galt House, 140 N. Fourth St., Louisville, KY
True Kentucky, 452 E. Main St., Glendale, KY
Kentucky Artisan Center, 200 Artisan Way, Berea, KY